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Give-It-Away Take-It-Away day

We have organised Give-It-Away Take-It-Away day in Thornbury every year from June 2008 to 2010. The aim is to enable reuse of goods rather than throwing them away. The idea is for people to bring goods that are still useful but no longer needed so that others can help themselves.

Most of us have heard of the three ‘R’s of waste – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. But we tend to focus on recycling and not much about re-use. Sustainable Thornbury invited everyone to put to good use all those things which are cluttering up their garages and lofts – things that they no longer have a use for, but which someone else might welcome.

The event is held in the main Rock St car park in the centre of Thornbury, on a Sunday between 8am and 4pm. People can either bring the goods to a roped-off area of the car park, or for larger items display a card on a notice board. 

Give-It-Away Take-It-Away day was held again on Sunday 7th June 2009 and Sunday 19th September 2010.

Give It Away Day

Charity shops are invited to see whether they would like to take any goods for their shops. The domestic refuse disposal firm SITA is asked to collect whatever is left at the end.

All items are welcome except for livestock and hazardous items. We ask that people:- 

We advertise the event with posters and a press release. We prepare a risk assessment to satisfy the Council that no extra insurance is needed. 


In 2008 the day was sunny and hundreds of people turned out. More than 350 cars brought items which they gave away for re-use and often then took away other things that were useful for them. The event almost had a party atmosphere. The fun atmosphere encouraged everyone to stay to enjoy the sunshine and to browse. Advertised large items included washing machines, freezers and two cars amongst many others. Thousands of items were brought, but very little was left over at the end, as the picture below shows.

Item left at the end

Sustainable Thornbury spokesman, Bob Dale, said “We’re delighted with the success of the day
– everyone has enjoyed the atmosphere and we are really pleased with the huge number of
things which have found a new home rather than being put into landfill. It shows that most
people are happy to pass on things which they no longer want rather than cause more waste.
We hope that this might become a regular event”.


Give-it-Away Take-it-Away day was held again in 2009 on Sunday June 7th in Rock Street car park in Thornbury. This year we asked people not to bring anything after 2:30pm. 399 cars came with items to give away. The weather stayed dry until the afternoon when the heavens opened and we packed up early.

Download the handbill (PDF, 21 kb).


Give-It-Away Take-It-Away Day was held again on Sunday 19th September 2010. A large quantity of assorted items were successfully found new homes instead of going to landfill. We thank all the volunteers who helped on the day, including those from Litter-Busters. We very much regret that SITA did not co-operate in disposing of the small quantity left at the end.