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Ethical Investment

On 11 October, Sustainable Thornbury member Danny Bonnet gave a talk as part of a public meeting on ethical investment.

Danny's topic was The Carbon Bubble and Divestment. The carbon bubble is the overvaluing of fossil fuel corporations, because their stock market value assumes all their reserves will be extracted and sold at a profit in the future. He argued that the international Paris climate change agreement means that most known reserves of fossil fuels will have to be left in the ground. He refered to the Ethical Consumer website which publishes reports on a wide variety of products, giving ethical scoresfor the producers.

Danny's talk was followed by a talk by Alan Bailey about the work being done by Low Carbon South West, which is a trade network supporting and developing low carbon goods and services in Bristol and the south west. He said that the Bristol area is a hub for such businesses in the UK.

The final talk was by Mark Hibbitt of Sovereign IFA, independent financial advisors based in Thornbury. He talked about the different types of ethical investment and the possible risks and costs.